By the Author Ernest Holmes, Dean and Founder Institute of Religious Science

"No one yet knows what might happen if a group of a thousand persons, gathered together for mutual benefit, should unitedly agree and without dissent or argument, fully accept simply and directly, that there is a Healing presence in the midst of them.
"Let us form a united front, create a great pool of faith, and from the power generated through this collective thinking, broadcast the message to the whole world."
-Ernest Holmes in Science of Mind News

Faith is more than an objective statement. We do not have perfect faith while any subjective contradictions deny the affirmation of our lips.
Today I have faith that my word shall not return unto me void. Today I surrender myself completely to this faith, for I know that there is a creative Spirit which gives substance to this faith and which will provide the evidence of this substance in actual fact. I expect, then, to meet my good and I rejoice in the anticipation of this good. I know that my faith operates through an immutable Law and that there is no possibility whatsoever of its failing.

Every man is "dear to the heart of God." We should all develop an increasing consciousness that we are protected and guided in everything we do, say or think.

Today I know that the Spirit goes before me, making plain my way. I feel that everything I do shall be prospered and I fully accept that I am in partnership with the Infinite. It is my desire that only good shall go from me, therefore I have a right to expect that only good shall return to me. I live under the government of Good and am guided by the Spirit of God. This I affirm; this I accept.

So God created man in his own image ... And God blessed them and God said unto them ... replenish the earth, and subdue it; and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.
It is because the Spirit of God is incarnated in us that we have dominion over the world of effects. This dominion is exercised in such degree as we sense its true meaning.
Today I rise above the sense of separation into a consciousness of my union with Good. Today I understand that the power of God flows through me to everything I contact.

Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him and he shall bring it to pass.
It is written that the Law of the Lord is perfect; therefore, when we commit our ways unto the Lord, we are automatically using this perfect Law even in the most trivial things of life.
I believe that the Law of the Lord will bring every good and perfect thing to me and will bless everyone whom I hold in consciousness. Knowing that the Law of Good operates through my word, I speak this word with implicit confidence, with complete acceptance, and with absolute abandonment to good.

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear…for God is love.
If the fearful mind would entertain love and the harmony and peace that go with it, it must turn from everything that denies this love, and trusting in Divine Guidance, open its being to the influx of love, not just love of God but love of everything, for love is an all-inclusive
"I will fear no evil for thou art with me." Today Divine love and infinite tenderness sustain me. I shall permit only that which is loving, kind and true to find entrance or exit through my consciousness.

The Lord will take away from thee all sickness…I am the Lord that healeth thee.
Health is a state of wholeness in mind and in body. The body is the servant of the mind, and the mind is the offspring of pure Spirit. I will permit Its flow of harmony, unity and beauty a clear passageway. The body will always reflect this inner poise.
Today I know that my health, my physical well-being, as well as my mental poise and peace, are drawn from an infinite Source of perfection. Today I know that the Lord, the Law of Good, is the healing Presence of life forever restoring my mind and my physical being.

Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.
The truth which would make us free lies only in the conscious communion of the soul with its Source, the conscious union of man with God, the conscious union of the heart's desire with the Source of its being.
Today I commune with the spiritual truth in everything. Today I know that the truth makes me free from fear, doubt or uncertainty. Today there is a song in my heart as I gladly proclaim that truth which is the revelation of Divinity through humanity.

They that seek the Lord shall not want any good thing.
Success means a life free from the burden of anxiety and liberated from the thralldom of fear.
Today I expect every good thing to come to me. Everything that is worthy of the soul, I anticipate. Everything that belongs to the Spirit, I accept. Everything that partakes of the nature of the Divine Reality, I claim as my own. Today I identify myself with abundance and success. I know that my destiny is divine, that my destination is certain, that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. I know that this Kingdom contains everything necessary to my well-being. In gratitude and with joy, I receive this Kingdom into myself.

Peace be both to thee and peace be to thine house, and peace be unto all that thou hast.
We must be led by the Divine Spirit into that true home which is heaven. "In my Father's house there are many mansions."
Today I permit my mental house to be at peace. I know that my true home is heaven and that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Today I enter into this permanent home. I consciously move in and make my dwelling place in this House of Peace and Gladness.

I have blotted out, as a thick cloud, thy transgressions ... For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind.
Whatever the mistakes of yesterday may have been today is a new creation. Turning from the errors of the past and no longer carrying with us the sorrows and mistakes of yesterday, today we may enter into a new experience. But it is only when we forgive everyone that we may feel certain that the weight of condemnation is lifted from our own consciousness.
Today I loose all condemnation. I judge not and I am judged only by the Law of Good. There is no animosity, no criticism, no hatred. I shall behold the face of love, of beauty and of peace in everyone I meet.

Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.
True understanding comes from a spiritual perception of the Divine Unity back of all things.
Today I permit my spiritual understanding to penetrate everything which seems opposed to good. Back of all I perceive the One Cause, the One Presence, and the One Purpose. Today I consciously align myself with this Divine Presence that runs through everything. I open the gates of my consciousness and with enthusiasm, through recognition and acknowledgment, permit the Spirit of Wholeness, the Spirit of Oneness, to flow through me. I know there is one God, one Spiritual Man, one perfect Law, and one eternal Life.

Have we not all one Father? Hath not one God created us?
There is "one mind common to all individual men." It is impossible to depart from this Divine Presence, to be separated from this heavenly Father. Since God is everywhere, wherever we are God is.
Today I know that there is one Spirit in everyone I meet. Realizing that there is one Heavenly Father, I know that there is a brotherhood of humanity. There are no aliens, no strange persons. The Divine Image in me cannot be separated from the Divine Image in others. I see God in everyone I meet and the Spirit that is within me responds to the Spirit within them, for we have one Father.

We all long for intimate relationships; we wish to feel that we are one with people. This yearning, which every normal person has, emanates from an unconscious but spiritual perception that we all are one in Life itself. Where there is no sense of rejection there will be no loneliness.

I no longer reject myself. Knowing that I am one with all people in the Spirit, I receive everyone as a friend. I establish a close and intimate relationship with everyone I meet something goes out from me and becomes unified with them. I include all and exclude none.

Ask and it shall be given you; seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you.
How can we receive that which the mind refuses to entertain? Should we not, then, consciously develop the ability to receive more? We make life little and mean and limit our Own Possibilities when we refuse to accept the whole gift of God. We should open our consciousness to a receptivity of the Divine. There will never be any point of saturation because God is infinite. We cannot contract the Infinite, but we can expand the finite.
Today I ask and know that I shall receive. Today I seek and know that I shall find. Today I knock and know that it shall be opened unto me.