How to Pray

"How to Give Yourself a Spiritual Treatment"


Take a definite time at least twice each day to be alone, to sit down and compose your mind and think about God. Try to arrive at a deep sense of peace and calm. Then assume an attitude of faith in a Power greater than you are.

Next say: "The words I speak are my law of good and they will produce the desired result because they are operated on by a Power greater than I am. Good alone goes from me and good alone returns to me."

You are now ready to give a specific Treatment for yourself.

Begin by saying:

"This word is for myself. Everything I say is for me and about me. It is the Truth about my real self."

(You are thinking about your spiritual nature, the Divine Reality of yourself, the God-in-You.)

Say: "There is one Life, that Life is God, that Life is perfect, that Life is my life now." Say this slowly and with deep meaning.

Next Say:

"My body is a manifestation of the living Spirit. It is created and sustained by the One Presence and the One Power. That power is flowing in and through me now, animating every organ, every action, and every function of my physical being. There is perfect circulation, perfect assimilation, and perfect elimination. There is no congestion, no confusion, no inaction. I am One with the infinite rhythm of Life which flows through me in love, in harmony and in peace. There is no fear, no doubt, and no uncertainty in my mind. I am letting that Life which is perfect flow through me. It is my life now. There is One Life, that Life is perfect, that Life is my life now."

(In treating for specific conditions, use one of the affirmations applies to your need.)

Next, deny everything that contradicts this. Follow each denial with a direct affirmation of its opposite. In a certain sense you are presenting a logical argument to your own mind, based on the belief that there is but one Life, which is perfect and which is your life now. The evidence that you bring out in your argument should reach a conclusion that causes your own mind to accept the verdict of perfection. Remember, you are not talking about your physical body as though it were separate from Spirit, but about God in you, therefore you will have no difficulty in convincing yourself that this God in you is perfect.

You have now reached a place of realization where you enter into a feeling of assurance that comes from a consciousness of the Divine Presence, in, around and through you. This period of realization should last for several moments during which you sit quietly accepting the meaning of what you have said.

Then say:

"It is now done. It is now complete. There is One Life, that Life is God, That Life is perfect, that Life is my life now."

Between those periods of meditation try to keep your mind poised in such a way that you do not contradict what you have said in your treatment. Keep your mind open at all times to an influx of new inspiration, new power and new life. Accept what you have with joy and gratitude. NOTE: When treating another say: "This word is for him for her," and then continue exactly as though you were treating for yourself.

Specific Affirmations:

Right Action:

"Everything I do, say, or think is governed by Divine Intelligence and inspired by Divine Wisdom. I am guided into right action. I am surrounded with friendship, love and beauty. Enthusiastic joy, vitality, and inspiration are in everything I do. I am conscious of Divine Guidance. I accept complete happiness, total health, and increasing prosperity. I am aware of my partnership with the Infinite. I know that everything I do shall prosper."


"Every thought of not being wanted or of being afraid, every though of uncertainty and doubt, is cast out of my mind. I rely on god alone, in whom I love, move and have my being. A sense of happiness, peace, and certainty flows through me. I have confidence in myself, because I have confidence in God."


"The Spirit within knows the answer to the problem which confronts me. I know that the answer is here and now. It is within my own mind because God is right where I am. I now turn from the problem to the Spirit, accepting the answer. In calm confidence, in perfect trust, in abiding faith, and with complete peace I let go of the problem and receive the answer."


"I know exactly what to do in every situation. Every idea necessary to successful living is brought to my attention. The doorway to ever-increasing opportunities for self-expression is open before me. I am continually meeting new and larger experiences. Every day brings more blessing and greater self-expression. I am prospered in everything I do. There is no deferment, no delay, no obstruction or obstacle to impede the progress of right action."


"I identify myself with abundance; I surrender all fear and doubt. I let go of all uncertainty. I know there is no confusion, no lack of confidence. The Presence of God is with me. The Mind of God is my mind. The Freedom of God is my freedom. The Power of God is my power. The Abundance of God fills my every good desire right now."


"Today, I bestow the essence of love upon everything. Everyone I meet shall be lovely to me. My soul meets the soul of the Universe in everyone. This love is a healing power touching everything into wholeness."


"The Law of Good is flowing through me. I am one with the rhythm of Life. There is nothing to be afraid of. There is nothing to be uncertain about. God is over all, in all, and through all. God is right where I am. I am at peace with the world in which I live. I am at home with the Divine Spirit in which I am Immersed."

By Dr. Ernest Holmes